Mortal Music

Nice Things About Mortal Music Studios

We got isolation! 3 rooms (floating on rubber), the old box in box technique.

We got instruments! Guitars, amps, drums, piano, synths, bass equipment and lots of percussion. My favorite guitar is a 50′s Gibson tenor, it always adds a nice texture.

Drums and Mics

Complete, (or pretty complete), Equipment List

We got adaptability! Catering to bands and singer-songwriters. Music for video and the Web. Location recording and Mastering.

We’ve figured out how to make an MP3 that’s only 1/10 the size of the original file!!! It really is magic.

We got a huge roll-a-dex! 30 years of musical and technical connections. Piano players, horn sections, upright or electric bass guys, guitar players, drummers. We even know a few producers if anybody wants one.

captian Kirk

Gear and Guitar

Something old, something new

We’ve made an effort to maintain balance between classic/retro and high tech thinking as the studio grew. Always up for real instruments played by mortals in real-time. But also into computer based, loop-driven, sample-laden, synthesized music.

We’ve acquired classic recording gear, Neve, Telefunken, Api, and also stay current with modern techniques and software. Our fundamental belief is that great music, performance and sound has always transcended the technical means of delivery. We strive to keep technology out of the way of the music. To keep it in the background but always ready to pounce!


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